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Similar to cocaine, Adderall is really a powerful stimulant that increases alertness and productivity. They both work by increasing dopamine (and norepinephrine) activity inside the brain. Additionally, they both have similar chemical structures. They differ within their administration methods. Cocaine enters our bodies by snorting or intravenously. When taken properly, Adderall is ingested orally. Because it is taken orally, Adderall takes longer to reach its’ peak effect than cocaine, passing on a lower risk of abuse (Psych Central). Adderall is non-addictive when taken as prescribed. It is addictive should it be taken in high does or by injection or snorting (University of Utah).

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In order to experience the best benefits from Adderall, you should take it roughly 30 minutes before every meal, however this could not work for you because a lot of people have noted that taking Adderall XR prior to you meal caused them to have an upset stomach. Be sure to speak to your Doctor if you think that this will likely be a worry with you. Order adderall online at our store

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While the increase in Adderall use has led some professionals to preempt the pace at which it’s prescribed, other people are arguing for Adderall increase use among the ADHD population for the positive effects. The argument is made up of the fact that Adderall treats signs and symptoms of ADHD and in addition, it enhances memory functions in the brain and improves performance (Warner 2008). For most cases of ADHD where Adderall is prescribed, it’s effective in treating the symptoms associated with the disease. However, while Adderall is beneficial in treating ADHD symptoms, in accordance with psychiatrist Dr. Michael Ferri, “nobody really knows how Adderall works” (qtd. in Sillars 1997).

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